Clearwater Oasis

The Best Chemical Delivery Services in Medford, Oregon

At Clearwater Oasis, we pride ourselves in the prompt and timely chemical delivery services we provide. We help our customers in maintaining the functionality of their swimming pools by constantly upgrading the chemical composition of the pool water. We offer regular and quick delivery of all the essential swimming pool chemicals right at your doorstep.

Clearwater Oasis is proud to offer the following Chemical Delivery services to you:

  • BioGuard Products and Services
  • BioGuard Chemicals
  • Polaris Pool Cleaners
  • Pool & Spa Chemicals

Our chemical products are of leading and certified brands. We take special care of having them tested against industry standards, before supplying them to our clients. Our chemicals clean out your pool water of all impurities making it safe to swim in.

If you own a swimming pool and want it to be well-maintained, hire us for regular chemical supply for your pool water. contact us today or call us directly at 541-772-CHEM (2436) for more information on the Chemical Delivery services that we can offer you.

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